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PHPIC Test House Inspection Exercise Scheduled for Feb 22nd  in Ottawa

Due to this event the regular Ottawa meeting on Feb. 9th is cancelled.
If you have not had the opportunity to participate in a PHPIC test house now is your chance, those that have attended in the past know of the value gained by these active inspections with group feedback. Learning how inspectors in your industry conduct their inspections and report on challenging issues is just part of the experience here. Be a better rounded and more prepared professional inspector by gaining knowledge from your fellow colleagues.
A house in the Barrhaven area has been selected for us by Jim Lepine, the process will be similar to previous mock inspections where we pair up and take sections of the home and report back.
Inspection date: Feb 22nd 2016
Time: 10am-2pm
The house will be prepped for access so little tools will be needed. Bring an empty SD card with your camera and indoor shoes.

This test inspection would count as a mentored inspection as long as the candidate is paired with an NHI (keep a record of who). These count towards getting your NHI.

As well you will receive 6 CEU's! 
Please reply ASAP to
we will then send you details and address of this event. 
CSA Home Inspection Standard - News 

CSA recently held a meeting to confirm that all revisions and any last minute issues have been addressed before going to print. The plan is to have both French & English printed at the same time. The target date is end of Feb or very early March. The CSA is starting the process to get the national standard designation from the Standards Council of Canada.
The annex portion of the standard is going to be worked on for further discussion and public review before it will be printed. Since the legal system may use it as a descriptive process of an inspection it needs to be very clear and have reasonable processes. The annex is not supposed to be a best practice guide, just a tool to use.

PHPIC will always keep you advised of the latest news. 
Working at Heights Training in Ottawa  

Working at Heights Training in Ottawa
Choose your date Feb.24 or Mar. 1

Our PHPIC Working at Heights Training in Toronto was such a success we have decided to offer the Ontario Ministry of Labour approved course in Ottawa at the Days Inn Ottawa Airport, 366 Hunt Club Rd.

Please review the forms where you will be able to choose a preferred date and sign up.

Thank you for your participation, when you join these type of events it makes it easier for us to continue to offer more educational sessions.
Defect Recognition Course - Interested?  
We have met many new inspectors and many have not taken a defect recognition course. This is a very important step in becoming a good inspector. We are planning a course in March or April but we need to gauge the interest.

The course is 10 modules we hope for a Friday, Saturday and Sunday condensed 20 hours for 30 CEU's.

Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in attending in probably Mississauga area.
Email Allan at 
Home Inspector Test Question
From TSSA. 
Existing gas burning furnaces and hot water tanks and their plastic venting systems will not require action until replacement of the appliance is required as the requirement is not retroactive to installations made prior April 16, 2007.

For all new appliance installations and replacement installations the existing plastic venting (not intake vent) must be completely replaced with a certified ULC S636 plastic venting system.

Answer - False? It may stay if pressure tested.
As per TSSA Ref. No. FS-101-07
There may be situations where the replacement of the entire vent is not possible or is impractical due to specifics of that particular installation. For those situations, TSSA will consider a variance to allow the continued use of the existing vent provided that all of the following conditions are met:
1. It is not possible or practical to replace the entire vent;
2. The first 5 feet immediately downstream of the appliance is replaced with vent that is:
a. Suitable for the appliance; and,
b. Certified to ULC S636.
3. The existing vent is visually inspected and found in good working order (cracked or damaged vent is not allowed to be repaired - the entire vent shall be replaced).
4. The existing vent is pressure tested ...
Next Question: 
Standard three light electrical testers are NOT
always reliable because:

A. Some receptacles only have two prongs
B. Three light testers some times have broken bulbs
C. Three light testers will not detect multiple wiring problems
D. Different test device manufactures have different light patterns
PHPIC working for you - always


If you ever have any ideas or questions call or email us anytime 



All the best,

Allan Spisak, NHI, PHPI, Chair of the Board
Professional Home and Property Inspectors of Canada


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