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National Standard of Canada CAN/CSA-A770 Home Inspection is available for purchase - But should you buy it? 

Overview Home inspection is a critical element in helping consumers understand the condition of their home, but improper home inspections can lead to serious safety and financial risks for home buyers and increased pressure for home inspectors.

There can be a high degree of variation in home inspection practices across associations and jurisdictions. This makes it difficult for home inspectors to demonstrate that their services are thorough and add value to their customers, while customers face greater uncertainty as to whether their homes have been properly inspected. Part of why these issues exist is because there hasn't been a consistent set of requirements for a proper home inspection.

Introducing CSA A770 Home Inspection - a first-of-its kind standard developed through the collaboration of home inspectors, regulators, consumer agencies, and various technical specialists, that provides guidance on the minimum requirements for a proper home inspection.

CSA A770 establishes key systems and components that need to be inspected in and around the home, and outlines general inspection methods and minimum reporting requirements for inspectors to follow.

CSA A770 aims to help foster increased consistency in home inspection practices, leading to improved service quality and consumer protection.
The new standard can be purchased here:
But you can not share it with anyone else including your clients, so at this point in time why pay the $50?
None of the provinces have yet announced they will be adopting the standard.
Is it likely a NEW published SOP will reflect the CSA standard that everyone can use for free? It could come from NHICC or PHPIC? Time will tell?

Bill 165, Licensed Home Inspectors Act, 2016 - update
PHPIC has been in communication with the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. We have  obtained a better idea of how the steps might proceed.
The Bill 165 has been sent to Committee. The Committee stage is an opportunity to call witnesses, examine the bill in detail and make amendments. Once the parts of the bill have been considered, the committee votes on the bill as a whole, and whether to report it to the House. 
The Chair of the Committee reports the bill to the House and it is ordered for third reading.  
Third reading is the final stage of a bill's consideration in the House, when Members decide whether the bill will pass.  If the motion for Third Reading carries the bill is reprinted and is posted on the Internet after it receives Royal Assent.
The bill may not pass third reading for many reasons. If this happens the Ministry will create its own bill which will, being a government bill rather than a members' bill, will go through the process much more quickly and receive Royal Assent quickly.

How a bill becomes law 
It is the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, not the member that submitted the bill, who will create the Regulations that will License Home Inspectors and outline what we will have to follow.


Stronger home inspector licensing rules for BC

Victoria BC

Tuesday, March 15, 2016
New requirements for home inspectors will give consumers increased confidence when they purchase a home.
The rules take effect on Sept. 1, 2016, and will enhance home inspector licensing qualifications, strengthen home inspection reports, contracts and insurance requirements, and improve enforcement, by requiring the following:
  • Home inspection contracts must describe in advance what will be covered in an inspection.
  • Contractual terms that limit home inspectors' liability will be prohibited.
  • New business record-keeping requirements will be put in place for home inspectors.
  • Home inspectors will be required to have valid professional and general liability insurance.
In 2013, the provincial government invited public input on an improved regulatory model for home inspectors. The resulting changes are based on public input, as well as research and consultation with home inspector associations and home inspectors, Consumer Protection BC and other stakeholders.
The Province will also undertake a comprehensive review of the qualifications required to perform home inspections and develop new, more rigorous training and examination requirements for those wishing to become home inspectors. This review will help develop a single occupational standard for all B.C. home inspectors. Results are expected to be in place in 2017.

Quick Facts:
  • In 2009, British Columbia became the first jurisdiction in Canada to require licensing of home inspectors.
  • British Columbia and Alberta are the only two provinces that regulate home inspectors in Canada. Ontario is considering doing so.
  • There are approximately 483 licensed home inspectors in B.C.
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Field Home inspection held on Feb 22

PHPIC held a Field Home inspection on Feb 22 organized by Ottawa member - Jim Lepine.
This was a great learning experience and was well received and enjoyed by ALL including 12 PHPIC members and 1 OAHI member.

Look for another Field Home inspection in the future.

Fall arrest training held in Ottawa 

Fall Arrest training in Ottawa report - 10 persons attended and was tailored to home inspection and was very successful again.  

Home Inspector Test Question

Standard three light electrical testers are NOT
always reliable because:
A. Some receptacles only have two prongs
B. Three light testers some times have broken bulbs
C. Three light testers will not detect multiple wiring problems
D. Different test device manufactures have different light patterns

Answer: C. Three light testers will not detect multiple wiring problems

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Allan Spisak, NHI, PHPI, Chair of the Board
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