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Photos from the field

Submit your pictures from the field and be entered in an annual draw for a free year’s membership.  Every month a winner will be chosen; those winners will be entered in the annual draw.  Photos should be submitted to  no later than the 18th of each month.  Photos should be not greater than 200kb in size.  Include your full name with the submission along with a short caption.

Only PHPIC members in good standing with the association will be eligible to win the annual draw.

Photos From The Field

Surgical mask
Perhaps the doctor who worked on this should stick to human patients.

Have a drafty window? No problem says mr. insulation contractor!!! Jim Lepine

Behold! the great leaning tower of....Chimney. Victor Button
I know what your thinking. But it gets worse. The cabinet is on wheels!!! John Jackson
I wonder how well the charcoal filter works? Doug White
Seems they ran out of tape! Doug White

Found this under a gas fireplace. This unit is definitely not up to code! Steve Balshin
Electricity from water
Electricity from water. Cold fusion does exist! Jim Levine

Electrical panel; Check. Shower curtain; Recommend replacement. Steve Pockett
“Measure once, cut twice !!” Guy Brunel INSPECTION101 INC.

Hot Water Heater Exhaust
Hmmm, Hot water heater or a dryer...

Rats nest?
The more the merrier!
No extension cord?  No problem!
It it must be ok.
Why is this room so chilly?

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