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2017 Newsletters


The Canadian Gold Standard!

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June 6, 2017 Newsletter 


PHPIC has been working behind the scenes on many issues, one that has been reviewed many years ago has come up again and here is the answer to the question:


Are home inspectors allowed to open the cover of the electrical panel?


The answer is in this excerpt from a letter received from the ESA...


Re:  Home Inspectors taking the cover off a residential electrical panel

Dear: Mr. Inkster

  I understand that you made an inquiry with respect to whether a home inspector can open the panel cover off a residential electrical panel when they are undertaking a home inspection. This includes whether this type of action could be interpreted within the scope of undertaking “electrical work”.

  First, ESA’s mandate is to administer and enforce Part VIII of the Electricity Act and its associated Regulations on behalf of the Province of Ontario. To meet this mandate, ESA conducts such regular functions as inspections; licensing; public education; developing and upholding the Ontario Electrical Safety Code; and compliance and enforcement activities.

  It is ESA’s opinion that a home inspector can take the cover off an electrical panel in order to undertake a visual review of the electrical equipment when conducting a home inspection. This action does not fall within the scope of the definition of electrical work under the Licensing of Electrical Contractors and Master Electricians regulation(O.Reg 570/05) as they would not be altering the electrical panel or performing electrical work. Therefore, a home inspector does not need to be a licensed electrical contractor under the Licensing Regulation.Nor does a home inspector need to pull an application for inspection (a permit) as per the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.


ESA wants to emphasize that home inspectors should take the necessary safety precautions when doing this by determining severity of potential exposure, planning safe work practices, and selecting personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect against shock and arc flash hazards.

  Further, it is important to note that the Ontario Electrical Safety Code provides requirements for the protection of installations and persons under Rule 2-304 (Disconnection) which prohibits working on electrical equipment while it is energized unless it is not feasible.

  ESA also recognizes that there may be a number of work practices and scope-of-work considerations that require further contemplation through the upcoming home inspection regime being created by the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. Determining how the upcoming home inspection regime will interact with existing legislation (i.e. ESA, OCOT and MOL jurisdiction)will provide additional clarity on how the ESA and home inspectors can work cooperatively to ensure the safety for the people of Ontario.


We trust that this provides you with a satisfactory response to your inquiry. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me



Ted Olechna Chief Code Engineer

(905) 712 -5366


Our thanks to our Mike Hayes (PHPIC Director) working with Len Inkster of Ontario ACHI.




Thanks to PHPIC Director Steve Pocket - Watch our for this Scam:


Subject: HOME

Reply-To: Martin John <>



Thanks for your swift response. I am hearing impaired and am scheduled for surgery soon, i would like us to communicate via email. I am hiring you on my behalf of my mother new house and i want all the house house inspection done because have be looking for a good  Home Inspector and can you go into the house and write me an estimate quote for the inspection.


(Full House Home Inspection: full square feet and Maintenance Inspections with Written Report)


Let me know so that i can alert the Ex-house owner to have the house keys send to your office, Can you give me your office address & Cellphone number. Also need a little favor from you because haven't balance up their remaining fees for the house which is sum of $3000 to balance up and the types of credit cards that you accept and the total cost for the service too. I will be waiting to read from you as soon as possible.


Home Inspector Licensing in Ontario

PHPIC has received a letter from the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services advising that they will be seeking input from stakeholders on the construction of the new Regulation on Licensing of Home Inspectors. PHPIC has been identified as an important participant.


We will advise as we have more information to share.

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As PHPIC reviews our long term plans and objectives a common theme occurs.




This has and will continue to be a focus of PHPIC. 

We are now gathering interest for: 

  • TARION Construction Performance Guidelines course
  • Fall Arrest Training
  • Deck Training

If you are interested or have any ideas of what you would like to see in the future let us know at





PHPIC - The Canadian Gold Standard for Home Inspectors.


Allan Spisak,

PHPI, NHI, B.A. Law, Mechanical Engineering Technologist

Chair of PHPIC - The Professional Home & Property Inspectors of Canada




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