Becoming a Home Inspector

Full membership in PHPIC is an earned credential and the best evidence of an inspector's competence and professionalism. PHPIC is at the leading edge of the home inspection profession in Canada and the PHPI™ designation (Professional Home and Property Inspector) is our prestigious designation of competency for the home inspector.  PHPIC is dedicated to promoting the home inspection profession in Canada as a vital service to the home and property buyer, and to helping our members raise the bar for the profession in Canada.

Considerable experience, education and training, field work and expertise are required for successful performance in this profession. No one of these is sufficient to launch a competent practice; it is a combination of all.

There is no single profession or line of work which would fully prepare you to become a Home Inspector. Although construction related fields require an understanding of how new homes are built, they rarely deal with the extended use and age related deterioration of components that the Home Inspector encounters daily. You will need extensive detailed knowledge in many areas such as electrical and plumbing systems, heating and cooling systems, roofing, attic structures, as well as interior components and structures. You will also require knowledge of components that are obsolete, yet still in service. No one course or even a collection of courses can prepare you for all of the significant conditions that occur in the field. The ability to recognize a condition or defect that may be a problem comes in part from experience with "what can go wrong".

PHPIC's regional chapters, conferences and seminars, are instrumental in producing well qualified professional inspectors. Inspectors who lack exposure to more disciplined and formal training and rely on their "experience" only are at risk of having difficulty distinguishing between arm-waving opinions and well researched authoritative sources of information. This is a critical distinction if you are to practice as a qualified professional, rather than simply as a generic business operator.

PHPIC requires that all members become certified by the National Home Inspector Certification Council (NHICC) to the National Home Inspector (NHI) criteria. This is a mandatory requirement to ensure that its members are above the crowd and true professionals. The best credential you can have in the home inspection profession today is our PHPI™ designation. This designation is recognized across Canada. Anyone interested in becoming a home inspector should join PHPIC as a Candidate Member as early as possible, so that our regular mailings and meetings can enhance their competence and professionalism. Remember, your customer's expectations will be very high. In order to meet those expectations, you will need to be very good and very careful. Sharing ideas and experiences with others in the business can be extremely valuable to the survival of your business.

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