Getting Started

As a minimum, you will need relevant education, sufficient working capital, a reliable vehicle, a computer, and sufficient basic inspection tools. Your best source of information about these items, as well as how to proceed towards obtaining your professional status, is by joining PHPIC. We invite you to fill in the Membership Application. Those aspiring to become members must first apply as Candidates unless you are a current National Home Inspector. Please make sure to complete, sign and mail all applicable forms, photocopies of all related documents and your payment for fees to PHPIC. For those requiring an assessment of their credentials, please allow approximately six to eight weeks.

To become Nationally Certified, an inspector must meet rigorous professional and educational requirements.

Through CHIBO (Canadian Home Inspector and Building Officials) 1&2, the National Initiative established the most widely recognized standard of quality for home inspections nationwide. An increased demand for home inspections and the lack of qualified practitioners lead to a number of consumer concerns. (Inconsistencies in the quality and level of service provided). The Canadian public, through CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation), demanded some level of competence and training.

Certification of PHPIC's members is conducted by an independent, fully accredited, certification body, thus ensuring our members have undergone thorough third party scrutiny. No other Canadian Home Inspection Association/Organization demands this degree of rigour of its members.

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