Our Commitment

We support the ASHI standards of practice and commit to ensure that our members follow those standards in order to establish a common representation for a home inspection in Canada.

We support the ASHI Code of Ethics in a commitment to balance the ethical standards of PHPIC® Inspectors and our desire to protect the consumer. PHPIC® will guide our members in the most disciplined professional standards.

We recognize the consumer's right to a responsible, objective and fair home inspection. We support the consumers' right to redress if they feel a member has conducted him or herself in an unprofessional or unethical manner.

We support the National Home Inspector Certification Council (NHICC) and strive to assist every PHPIC® member who strives to attain their NHI designation.

We recognize other professional home and property inspection organizations that have members within Canada. We welcome their members who have valid, verifiable credentials that are recognized as they seek to attain their National Home Inspector Certification.

We support the NHICC in their mandate to process every applicant fairly and without prejudice.

We fully recognize the test inspection and peer review (TIPR) standards and accept any NHICC recognized examiner who is authorized to conduct these competency tests.

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