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What's the value of becoming a Professional Home and Property Inspector (PHPI™)?
In June 1997, a report was published entitled, "A Strategy to Provide Coordination of the Canadian Home Inspection Profession" which outlined a strategy to develop certification for the entire home inspection profession at a national level and to develop national standards leading to:

Industry regulation
Standards of performance for training
Base qualifications for individuals entering the profession.
Typically, the benefits are intangibles such as - custom education and training, networking opportunities via regional meetings and conferences, camaraderie and guidance, and most important, credibility from coast to coast to coast. These intangibles are our way of reconnecting with our profession and our colleagues.

It's called Save Your Money
No provincial bodies, therefore provincial politics are eliminated.
Total accountability and transparency.
Our full members enjoy some of the lowest E&O & General liability insurance rates available in Canada
Mentoring program.   Follow one of our seasoned inspectors during an actual inspection.
Your national voice to licensing our profession across Canada. As a PHPI/NHI you will be positioned to meet all licensing requirements anywhere in Canada.
As a PHPI/NHI you will be able to assure your clientele that you have achieved the most rigorous and most coveted home inspection designation in Canada.
PHPIC follows the only Standards of Practice to be upheld by the Superior Court of Canada
The only true National association that attests that your skills have been field tested and shown to meet the national home inspection standards of the National Home Inspector Program.
Provides validation of your professional skills, knowledge level and competence by an independent National Admissions Board and recognized by the NHICC.
Promotes best practices in the field as well as it keeps your skills relevant, applicable, and competitive. It provides a competitive edge for consumer awareness.
Individuals who are certified are models for others to follow, proving your complete commitment to professional development.
Recognizes official "accredited" training that meets and in some cases exceeds the National Occupational Standards. Accredited training is readily available through a number of educational training providers across Canada, in a variety of delivery formats.
Gain recognition and have access to upcoming inspection related government initiatives and other strategic relationships.
Full members receive recognition with a personal Certificate as a PHPI™. Display your professional affiliation to co-workers and clients and use this recognition to enhance your current designations.
Offers a pre-established national certification standard offering portability from one province to another.
The National Home Inspector Program holds recognition by national mortgage lenders and CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association) as well as national real estate companies. The political argument to become a Nationally Home Inspector centers on offering "standardization and harmony." Earning recognition as a PHPI/NHI offers assurance that home and property inspections in one province are consistent with the services and skills available in other parts of Canada. Some indicate that the National Initiative offers the established baseline guide to self-regulation or right to practice legislation. Attaining the PHPI/NHI designation provides direction, purpose, and opportunities that can assist you in your journey to excellence in your home inspection practice.

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