Achieving Your NHI Designation

This is an overview of how to get your NHI designation. To be brief, some of the information has been summarized. If you think you qualify, or if you have some questions and you’re a PHPIC member, email us at or give us a call at 1-855-88PHPIC.

What's the process?
The National Home Inspector designation is awarded by the National Home Inspector Certification Council (NHICC) after a thorough review of an applicant. The review consists of an independent, third party review of the applicant’s academic and practical training and experience. Then after successful completion of a national exam and field testing, an inspector awarded the NHI designation.

Where does PHPIC fit in?
PHPIC is an independent association and we support our members to earn their NHI. We advise you as a member on how to earn your points total, by doing a preliminary assessment of your background, training and paid inspections and mentoring. As a member in good standing of PHPIC, which has an administrative agreement with NHICC, you are entitled to a 10% discount on the NHICC application fees.

It's important to understand that PHPIC does not award the NHI certification. It is NHICC’s responsibility to schedule TIPRs and to actually award the NHI. PHPIC can only advise you and advocate on your behalf.

How are points calculated?

Minimum requirements
      -  You must have been in business as a home inspector for a minimum of 1 year.
      -  You must have performed a minimum of 150 paid home inspections.
      -  You must perform your inspections according to a Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics.
                    [Your signed inspection agreement should state that you follow a Standard of Practice and adhere to a Code of Ethics]
      -  You must have accumulated 950 points as calculated by NHICC.

Breakdown of Points:
      -  Personal background – maximum of 100 points which are earned by having a degree or diploma, trade ticket, membership or designation.
      -  Membership in PHPIC is worth 50 personal background points.
      -  Education – maximum of 750 points, 450 from formal training, 250 from mentoring and informal training.
      -  Fee paid inspections –a minimum of 150 as stated above and a maximum of 500.

What can you do to increase your points total?
After our preliminary assessment, we will be able to advise you on how you can best improve your points total. You may have maxed out on training points but you need more inspections. You may benefit most from doing mentored inspections with an experienced, qualified inspector. The situation is different for each individual and we will let you know where you stand.

What’s next?
If you think you are ready to apply to NHICC to get your NHI certification, you can let us know. If we know that you have the minimum requirements above, we will do our calculations and either advise you if you need additional points or we will forward our calculations to NHICC for their review. If they agree with our assessment, we will write a letter on your behalf and forward it to you. It should be sent to NHICC along with your application and payment for their review, National Exam and TIPR. If you are a Candidate member of PHPIC, you will be moved to Provisional status.

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